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US Student Loan Service Provider Withdraws

A second company servicing student debt has asked the United States federal government to be released from its contract. Navient, based in Wilmington, Delaware, last month announced it had signed an agreement to transfer student debt services to the company Maximus. The deal must be approved by the US Department …

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Eswatini Deploys Military-Police to Stop Student Protests

The government of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, on Monday (11/10) deployed soldiers and police to several schools to contain protests by students in the country. Students continue to protest against the government for immediate political reform. High school students in the African kingdom have been boycotting classes for the …

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KPAI, IDAI Encourage Student Vaccinations Before Aligning the Roof

JAKARTA – KPAI Commissioner Retno Listyarti said her agency often found violations of health protocols when directly supervising face-to-face learning in schools in a number of areas. Among other things, violations of the use of masks and hand washing facilities that are not accompanied by running water. The violators of …

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