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Overcoming Scarcity, UK Supply Fuel Directly to Gas Stations

In an effort to overcome the shortage of fuel oil (BBM) in the country, the British government on Wednesday (29/9) instructed that fuel supplies be sent directly to fueling stations in the country and not through big companies, a move which is considered to be able to interfere with online …

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Long Queues Again Occur at Gas Stations in Various Parts of London

Long lines resumed outside gas stations across London on Wednesday (29/9), as fuel supply constraints continued, although PM Boris Johnson said the situation was improving. Video from Reuters news agency showed long lines of cars and vans waiting to fill up at gas stations in London, as well as announcements …

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‘Panic Buying’, 90% of gas stations in UK cities run out of fuel

Up to 90 percent of gas stations in major cities in England ran out of fuel oil (BBM) on Monday (27/9) after the incident occurred. panic buying. The fuel supply chain crisis sparked by the country’s truck driver shortage could devastate the world’s fifth-largest economy. Britain’s massive post-Brexit truck driver …

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