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CPO Prices Soar, Palm Oil Farmers Restraint by Middlemen

For decades, Kanisius Tereng has been a palm oil farmer in Paser Regency, East Kalimantan. Since the last three months, he admitted that the price of palm oil has moved up. Unfortunately, those who garden every day and harvest oil palm bunches, are unable to taste the sweetness of this …

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US Inflation Continues to Soar

The surge in inflation in the United States (US) has not ended, according to government data released on Wednesday (13/10). The data showed that food and rent prices rose in the world’s largest economy last month. The inflation underscores the difficulties Washington’s policymakers face as they try to guide the …

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Deaths from COVID-19 in Russia continue to soar

The daily death toll from the coronavirus in Russia hit a record Tuesday (28/9) as the COVID-19 spreads in the country. Tuesday’s death toll stood at 852, surpassing last Friday’s death toll of 829. A senior doctor at a hospital in Nizhny Novgorod said COVID-19 cases in the country had …

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