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Three Scientists, Including from Japan, Win Nobel Prize in Physics

Japanese citizens on Tuesday (5/10) welcomed the news of the victory of three scientists, including a scientist from Japan, who won the Nobel Prize in physics. The three scientists won the prestigious award for discovering order in disorder that helps explain and predict complex forces of nature, including broadening the …

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Three Scientists Share Nobel Prize in Physics

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Tuesday (5/10) announced that the Nobel prize for physics was awarded to three scientists. They are considered meritorious in helping to provide an understanding of complex physical systems. What they did proved valuable in measuring and predicting climate. At a press conference in Stockholm, …

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Gait of Indonesian Scientists in Boston USA

From the city of Boston, Massachusetts, Virginia Gunawan and Rivan Dwiastono invite viewers to take a walk to the student city while getting acquainted with Indonesian female researchers who are working in the field of solar panel technology and artificial intelligence (AI) at well-known US universities.

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