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Syrian Children Study in Damaged School Building

In a village in southern Idlib, students study in classrooms without windows, in a school partially destroyed by the war. To reach the school, Syrian children living in the southern Idlib village have to walk past destroyed buildings. Their school buildings have also suffered severe damage due to the ongoing …

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Free Pads & Tampons at School

California is now requiring public schools and universities to provide free tampons and sanitary pads in bathrooms. According to the initiator of this bill, menstruation no longer hinders the learning process – because students don’t have to worry about looking for pads or tampons when they have their period at …

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Nigeria Arrests 3 People in Baptist School Kidnappings

Nigerian police have arrested three suspects in the kidnapping of more than 100 students at a Baptist school two months ago, police said. Gunmen stormed Bethel Baptist High School, kidnapping 121 students sleeping in their dormitory on July 5, on the outskirts of Kaduna town in Kaduna state, in northwestern …

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