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Leicester Wants To Implement New Restrictions, Residents Protest

Residents of the city of Leicester have had mixed reactions to the idea of ​​reimposing coronavirus-related restrictions in the UK after COVID-19 cases soared again to 100,000 new cases per day. Looking back at the soaring spread of the coronavirus and growing concerns among health experts, the British government on …

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Thousands Protest against COVID-19 Restrictions in Romania

Thousands of people marched in Bucharest on Saturday (2/10) to protest the restrictions that will begin on Monday (3/10) to contain a surge in coronavirus infections. The European nation of 19 million has seen a sharp rise in daily coronavirus cases. A month ago, the figure was about 1,000 new …

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Melbourne Demonstrators Protest Against Coronavirus Restrictions

Hundreds of people demonstrated Tuesday (21/9), Australia’s second-largest city, against coronavirus-related restrictions imposed by the government on the construction industry. Officials announced construction sites in Melbourne would be closed for two weeks amid concerns that the movement of workers was contributing to the spread of COVID-19. Construction workers are also …

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