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Media Reports and Gender Based Violence

FLY — A number of these terms are popularly used in reports related to sexual violence in the Indonesian mass media: rotating, young widows, flirting, to sexy clothes. Such reports attract readers, but obscure context. Worse, potentially fertilize similar acts. This is not a new phenomenon, but lately it has …

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US scrutinizes China after reports of hypersonic missile tests

The top US military official said Washington was watching China’s efforts to build up its military arsenal. But he declined to comment on reports that Beijing took a major step two months ago by testing a hypersonic missile. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told reporters during a visit to …

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North Korean Media Reports North Korea Launches Missile Again

North Korea on Wednesday (29/09) acknowledged its latest missile launch, a day after South Korea first reported it. Government media KCNA and newspapers Workers’ Daily called the “hypersonic” and “newly developed” missile a “top priority project” after leader Kim Jong Un presented it at the ruling Workers’ Party Congress in …

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