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The Grand Mosque in Mecca Removes Social Distance Policy

The Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, was operating at full capacity on Sunday (17/10). Congregants perform prayers close together without keeping their distance, the first time this has been done since the corona virus pandemic began. Workers removed distance-keeping stickers on the mosque floor made to guide people to …

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Amazon Removes Quran, Bible Apps from Apple Store in China

FLY — Amazon’s audiobook service Audible said Friday it had removed apps for reading the Koran and the Bible from its Apple store in mainland China due to government “permission requirements”. Developers of other Quran and Bible apps, including Olive Tree Bible Software in the US, also said their apps …

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Facebook Removes Part of Content Banned in Russia

Facebook finally agreed to the demands given by the Russian government to remove some of the content that was banned from publishing in that country. But the social media service provider still had to pay a hefty fine for moving too slowly to meet the demands, the newspaper reported. Knowledge …

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