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US Leadership Approval Rate Rises Again

Approval for American leadership rose again in the first six months of President Joe Biden’s administration, according to a Gallup survey of people in nearly 50 countries. The gains came after the average approval of American leadership in the 108 countries in which Gallup surveyed hit a record low of …

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Without an increase in the loan limit, the interest rate will go up

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday delivered an urgent call for Congress to raise the government’s borrowing limit, a day after Senate Republicans refused to consider a bill that would do so. Failure to raise the debt ceiling is likely to boost interest rates, increasing the government’s interest payments …

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Main Target, Reducing Maternal Mortality Rate

SURABAYA — As many as 76 percent of maternal deaths occur in the labor and postnatal phases. Risk factors for childbirth occur in the phase before and during pregnancy, such as sepsis or infection, hypertension, anemia, and other comorbidities. Meanwhile, more than 62 percent of maternal and infant deaths occur …

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