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Manga’s Popularity in France Soars

There was an unusual sight at the National Library of France, earlier this October. A giant manga cover is seen on display at the front of the building where many centuries-old manuscripts and other classic literary works are kept, The library has agreed to host the first chapter of the …

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The Popularity of Food Miniature Artists in China Skyrockets

Increased freelance work (freelance) and work on temporary contracts, has given rise to gig economy or a free labor economy that is gaining popularity as an employment trend in China, especially among mini-food artists. Driven by the convenience of technology, the freelance labor market is playing an increasingly important role …

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Recycled Packaging Companies Expect More Popularity

Recycled packaged goods such as stainless steel ice cream containers (stainless steel) and glass soap bottles are likely to be found in supermarkets and restaurants around the world. Loop, a two-year-old company focused on collecting and cleaning reusable containers, has now grown after successful trials in several supermarkets in France …

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