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Biden Cuts Half of the Budget on Social Safety Net Bill

U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday announced a planned $1.8 trillion budget bill that he called the “most transformative” aid to Americans in decades while directing the U.S. toward reducing greenhouse gas pollution. sharp glass. Biden presented his budget bill, now only half what he proposed last week, in a …

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Australia Sets Zero Net Emissions Target by 2050

Coal-rich Australia has unveiled a net zero-emissions target by 2050, in a plan that shies away from details and short-term targets ahead of a landmark UN climate summit. Widely regarded as a country that has been slow to act on climate, Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of …

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Biden Efforts To Complete The Social Safety Net Budget Bill

FLY — US President Joe Biden met Sunday with two top senators at his residence in Delaware to try to finalize details of the reduced social safety net and budget for climate control to be presented to Congress on Monday. (25/10). Biden hosted Democratic Senate majority leader Chuck Schummer and …

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