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US and Allies Condemn China’s Trade Policy at WTO Forum

The United States (US) and a number of its close allies have used the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) periodic review of China’s trade policies to channel their anger over Beijing’s refusal to comply with regulations intended to establish an equal arena of competition for all participants in the exchange of …

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Rape Victims in France Condemn Police Treatment

Mouab/ASSOCIATED PRESS — A rape victim was asked by police in Paris what she was wearing that fateful day, and why she didn’t fight back. Another woman was forced to touch herself to show how the sexual assault took place, to a police officer who was skeptical about her report. …

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US, European Union Condemn Parliamentary Elections in Russia

The United States said Monday that a law against “extremism” in Russia prevents opposition parties from getting a fair chance in parliamentary elections. “The Act’s use of declaring “extremist organizations,” “foreign agents,” and “unwanted organizations” severely limits political pluralism and prevents Russians from exercising their civil and political rights,” State …

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