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Hundreds of Sudanese Pro-Democracy Protesters Block Khartoum Street

Pro-democracy protesters blocked roads in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, with makeshift barricades and burning tires on Tuesday, a day after the military seized power in a quick coup that was widely condemned by the international community. One demonstrator, Bu Obaida Mohmmad, said, “the only deterrent to this problem is civil …

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Israel, Jewish settlers block water to Palestinians

The UN’s main human rights body on Friday blamed Israel for not giving Palestinians, in the occupied West Bank, equal access to water resources. The AP news agency reported the agency added that Israelis in Jewish settlements had also blocked water supplied to Palestine. The report, presented Friday at the …

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YouTube will Block Vaccine Misinformation Content

YouTube will block any video that claims vaccines are ineffective or harmful, including those that question the measles and chickenpox vaccines. In a blog announcing the enforcement of the new measures Wednesday, YouTube stated “in particular, content that falsely alleges that approved vaccines are harmful and have chronic health effects, …

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