US urges Sudanese military leader to “restrain”

The United States has urged military leaders in the coup in Sudan to refrain from “any and all violence” against peaceful protesters planning Saturday’s large demonstrations.

The call to Sudan’s military leaders was delivered by a senior Foreign Ministry official who gave the briefing to reporters on an anonymous basis.

“Tomorrow will be a clear indication of what the military’s intentions are,” the official said.

Since Monday’s takeover of the government by the military, protesters have taken to the streets of Sudan to demand the restoration of civilian rule. A group of environmental committees and other activists planned a “million-people march” on Saturday with the slogan “Go!”

Security forces have killed at least nine people by gunfire and injured at least 170 others during the protests, according to the Sudanese Doctors Committee.

The protest planned for Saturday has some residents fearful of a crackdown. [lt/pp]

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