US Gives $144 Million to Afghanistan for Humanitarian Aid

The United States announced Thursday it will provide nearly $144 million worth of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, where millions of people could face acute hunger this winter if aid doesn’t arrive soon.

National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne said in a statement that US assistance would be directed through independent organizations providing direct support to more than 18.4 million Afghans in vulnerable situations, including Afghan refugees in neighboring countries.

“Our partners provide life-saving protection, shelter, livelihood support, essential health care, winter assistance, emergency food assistance, water, sanitation and hygiene services in response to growing humanitarian needs exacerbated by lack of care. health, drought, malnutrition, and the coming winter,” Horne said.

He noted that with the additional aid, the total US humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan and for Afghan refugees in the region will be nearly $474 million by 2021, the largest amount of aid that has been issued by any country.

The United Nations says more than four decades of deadly conflict and frequent natural disasters have resulted in a protracted food crisis in Afghanistan. [lt/rs]

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