Signs New Treaty with Canada, UK Shows Interest in Arctic Region

The British Navy will begin exercises aboard the Canadian icebreaker in a new agreement reflecting Britain’s growing interest in military capability developments taking place in the Arctic or Arctic region.

The UK is the latest country to focus on the north, while climate change has opened up the region to new opportunities in terms of navigation and resource exploitation. Various countries far from the region such as China, Turkey, and India also pay attention to the development of the region.

The agreement between Britain and Canada, signed this month, allows the British Navy to train on ships from Canada’s fleet of icebreakers as they sail through Arctic ice-covered areas to make way for other ships to access known territory. as the Northwest Passage or Northwest Shipping Line.

“Sharing extensive experience and expertise with the Canadian Coast Guard enables members of the Royal Navy to better prepare themselves when it comes to sailing in frozen areas,” the Royal Navy said in a statement.

Canada, on the other hand, hopes to benefit from “the experience and operational expertise of the British Royal Navy,” said a statement from the commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard. [jm/lt]

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