US and Allies Condemn China’s Trade Policy at WTO Forum

The United States (US) and a number of its close allies have used the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) periodic review of China’s trade policies to channel their anger over Beijing’s refusal to comply with regulations intended to establish an equal arena of competition for all participants in the exchange of goods and services. services globally.

The regularly scheduled Trade Policy Review, where China’s trading partners can issue a formal statement on policies they oppose, took place last week as China celebrated its 20th term in the WTO.

“When China was admitted to the WTO 20 years ago, WTO members hoped that the terms outlined in the China Entry Protocol would permanently dismantle China’s policies and practices that are incompatible with an international trading system based on open and market-oriented policies. said David Bisbee, who serves as ad interim attorney of the US Mission to the WTO in Geneva, Switzerland.

“But that hope was not realized, and it seems that China has no intention of changing,” Bisbee said in his remarks. “Instead China has used its membership to become the largest WTO trader, and strengthened state and non-market approaches to trade, to the detriment of workers and businesses in the US and other countries.”

The US is not alone in complaining about China’s failure to fulfill its obligations under WTO rules. Representatives from governments around the world have a long list of rules they say China has broken.

These violations include, among others, China has distorted the market through subsidies to its SOEs, ignored intellectual property rights (IPR), restricted foreign companies’ access to its markets, used forced labor in some manufacturing and agricultural sectors, forced smaller governments. and weak to accept their unfair trading practices. [jm/lt]

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