Overcome Hackers Attack, US State Department Forms Cyber ​​Bureau

The United States (US) Department of State plans to establish a special bureau to address cyber issues and digital policy amid the growing hacking problem, particularly the spike in attacks. ransomware to US infrastructure.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said an ambassador extraordinary confirmed by the Senate would head the bureau.

Hackers have attacked various US businesses this year. One of them was the attack on the oil pipeline operator, Colonial Pipeline, which resulted in a temporary reduction in fuel supplies in the eastern US region. The hackers also targeted an Iowa-based agricultural company, sparking fears of disruption to grain crops in the Midwest.

Two weeks ago, the US Treasury said $590 million in ransomware payments or ransoms had been made in the first six months of this year. This has resulted in the cryptocurrency industry being alerted to its role to combat ransomware attacks like this. [jm/lt]

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