German Court Sentences to 10 Years in Prison on ISIS Members

A woman in Germany was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday (26/10) for letting a young Yazidi girl, held as a slave in Iraq by her and her husband, die of thirst under the scorching sun.

German authorities said the 30-year-old woman, who has converted to Islam and was identified only as Jennifer W, was a member of the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq.

The Regional High Court convicted the accused on several charges, including joining a terrorist organization abroad, aiding and abetting attempted murder, attempted war crimes and crimes against humanity.

According to the German news agency dpaFederal prosecutors have accused Jennifer W of letting the 5-year-old Yazidi girl die after the woman’s husband, who is also an ISIS fighter, chained the girl in a courtyard that was not protected from the scorching sun. Prosecutors said the defendant’s husband punished the girl for wetting the bed.

The Islamic State views the Yazidi minority as heretical. In 2014, ISIS members killed a number of Yazidi men in Iraq in an onslaught carried out in the Yazidi town of Sinjar. ISIS has also enslaved thousands of Yazidi women and girls in what the United Nations says is genocide.

Judge Joachim Baier said the child was “unable to defend himself and helpless to face the situation.” Baier added that the defendant “should have calculated from the start that the child, who was tied up in the hot sun, was in danger of death.” [lt/jm]

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