Facebook Criticized by Some US Media

Facebook Monday (25/10) was criticized with scathing reports from at least a dozen US media based on internal documents, just hours before the company released its earnings report.

The social media giant has faced criticism after former employee Frances Haugen leaked an internal study that showed the company was aware of the potential dangers triggered by its website, prompting lawmakers to renew calls for legislation.

Monday’s report blamed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for bowing to censorship in Vietnam. It’s evident that Facebook allowed hate speech to thrive internationally, because of language barriers and says it knows its algorithms magnify divisive dissent online.

“The Facebook Papers are damning, disturbing, disgusting and should lead to swift action at the federal level,” Fordham University law professor Zephyr Teachout tweeted, referring to the nickname attached to the leak.

Facebook denied the report and accused it of selective publication of part of its internal study aimed at portraying the social network used by billions of people in poor and inaccurate imagery.

The company Monday released its quarterly earnings, which have risen rapidly during the pandemic, when much of the world is using online social media, while sheltering at home to avoid the COVID-19 virus. [ps/jm]

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