Tokyo Monitors Presence of Russian and Chinese Navy Ships

Japan said it was monitoring the sea and airspace around it Monday after five Russian naval vessels sailed through the Tsushima Strait. In mid-October, the Russian ships and five Chinese ships also crossed the strait.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihiko Isozaki said in Tokyo that Russian ships were seen passing around the Tsugaru Strait in northern Japan, to the Osumi Strait in the southwest.

“The government is watching the activity closely. We will continue to make every possible effort to carry out activities that warn and monitor the sea and air areas around Japan,” he said.

Isozaki also confirmed that helicopters departed and arrived from the ships of the Chinese and Russian navies. In response, the Japanese Air Force deployed its jets

He said the Maritime Defense Force confirmed 10 ships had sailed across the East China Sea through the Tsugaru Strait and around the Izu Islands and the Osumi Strait since October 18. [ka/ab]

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