Michigan Residents Hold Joint Prayer for Kidnapped Missionaries in Haiti

More than 100 people gathered in a small Michigan town to pray for the safety of a local family who were part of a 17-member missionary kidnapped by a criminal gang in Haiti more than a week ago.

Sunday night’s prayer service in Hart, western Michigan came after a video, released Thursday, showed the leader of the Mawozo gang of 400 threatening to kill kidnap victims if his demands were not met.

Haitian officials have said the gang is demanding a $ 1 million ransom per person.

Those who attended the prayer together in a city park Sunday (24/10) sang and prayed with the pastors of several local churches.

Among those abducted were four children and one of their parents from a family in Hart, a city near Lake Michigan, about 321 kilometers northwest of Detroit, the pastor told The Detroit News.

The FBI helped Haitian authorities locate the 16 US citizens and one Canadian. A Haitian rights group said their driver, a Haitian national, was also kidnapped. [vm/ah]

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