Russia Reports Record Deaths Due to COVID-19 Five Consecutive Days

Russia reported a record high death toll from COVID-19 on Saturday for the fifth day in a row, as the country prepares to close workplaces for a full week and impose a partial lockdown next week.

Russia’s national coronavirus task force reported 1,075 deaths in the past 24 hours. That number is the highest number since the pandemic hit. Russia is the country with the highest total number of deaths from COVID-19 in Europe, with 229,528 deaths.

The daily death toll from the coronavirus in Russia has been rising for several weeks as vaccination rates have been sluggish, people are not adhering to health protocols and the government is reluctant to tighten restrictions.

The task force says only about a third of Russia’s 146 million people have been vaccinated, putting a strain on the health system.

Putin said this week that employees would have a “working day off” from October 30 to November 7. However, workers will still receive wages.

He said the period, during which four of the seven days are national holidays, could start earlier or be extended in some areas. [vm/ft]

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