Iraqis Celebrate Prophet’s Birthday with Music and Sweets

Dozens of Iraqis gathered at a mosque in Mosul on Tuesday (19/10). They enjoy cakes and tell stories about the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad during the Maulid event.

Maulid marks the birth of Prophet Muhammad and is celebrated by Muslims in many countries. The tradition of the celebration varies from country to country. Sheikh Najmaldin Rasool is an elder of the al-Abbar tribe in Mosul.

“The celebration of the Prophet’s birthday has long been held and is still celebrated, commemorating the teachings of the prophet, supported by verses from the Qur’an, to urge Muslims to unite and help the poor. Joy envelops the city and sweets are shared, while people people praise and read poems that praise the prophet, “he said.

People in Mosul gather at the Haji Abdullah Mosque. They celebrated the Prophet’s Birthday with religious songs (nasyid) that were performed live. Rami al-Abadi, the mosque’s imam, said:

“People celebrate this day and express their happiness and love for Prophet Muhammad. We see joy and happiness on the faces of all Muslims. They gathered at the market, distributing sweets, telling stories from the life of the prophet, discussing his speeches and reading the Quran. All this because of love for the Prophet Muhammad SAW,” he said.

Desserts and traditional cakes made especially to celebrate the Prophet’s Birthday also vary in different countries. In Mosul, a plate of the sweet confection, baklawa, is usually distributed at festive events held at the Haji Abdullah Mosque.

Shahlan al-Dulaimi appeared as a singer in the Maulid event. He said: “In the Maulid event, me and my band group get busy. We celebrate big religious days throughout the year but for the Maulid Nabi, me and the band perform in three to four events a day. Alhamdulillah.”

The celebration of the Prophet’s birthday was banned in Mosul when the city was under the control of the Islamic State militant group. This celebration is a national holiday in many countries, including Indonesia and several countries in the Middle East. [ka/ab]

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