Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Act to Apply, November Oral Argument

A Texas law that generally prohibits abortion after six weeks of pregnancy will be left in effect, while the Supreme Court waits to hear oral arguments in the case in November.

The Supreme Court announced Friday that it will hear oral arguments in the case starting November 1 over whether the federal government can sue the state of Texas over the law.

News agency Associated Press reported a law in Texas, which has been in effect since last September, has reduced the number of abortions in the state by 80 percent.

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the law after an attempt to suspend the law filed by abortion providers was rejected by a court. Earlier this month district judge Robert Pitman ruled to suspend the law’s application, but that decision was overturned two days later by a three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Before the Supreme Court, Texas stated “in short, far from proven wrong, the appellate court’s conclusion that the Texas statute will prevail seems correct.”

Biden’s government said the law was unconstitutional because “under constitutional law, a state may not prohibit any woman from making the final decision to terminate her pregnancy before there are signs of life.”

Texas’ abortion laws are unique in that they also give citizens the right to sue anyone who performs or helps a woman have an abortion. Individuals who successfully make a legal action against abortion will be rewarded with $ 10,000. [em/rs]

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