The number of countries condemning China’s treatment of Uighurs is increasing

More than 40 countries on Thursday (21/10) expressed deep concern in official statements about the situation experienced by ethnic minority Muslim-Uighurs and other Muslim-Turkic groups in China’s semi-autonomous province of Xinjiang.

French Ambassador to the United Nations Nicolas de Riviere, who represents the 43 countries, said there had been “common and systematic human rights violations, torture, forced sterilization, sexual violence and the forced separation of children.”

He added that the Uighurs also experience restrictions on their “freedom of religion, movement, expression and practice of their traditions”.

In a joint statement, the countries expressed concern about “widespread surveillance” targeting Uighurs and members of other minorities, as well as “collective suppression of religious and ethnic minorities.” They urged China to guarantee the UN high commissioner for human rights access to Xinjiang.

Rights groups and some governments accuse China of sending more than 1.1 million Uighurs to detention camps. China says the area is a “vocational education center” to stop the spread of religious extremism and terrorist attacks.

The number and diversity of countries participating in giving statements to the General Assembly committees dealing with human rights issues has continued to grow since the core group was initially dominated by Western countries. In recent years, the General Assembly has called on countries to participate in efforts to increase pressure on China.

Turkey joined for the first time this year with African countries such as Liberia and Eswatini. But several Muslim-majority countries close to China, including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, did not sign the statement.

China’s ambassador to the United Nations dismissed the group’s criticism as “baseless.”

“To America and some other countries, let me say “your lies are completely baseless,” said Zhang Jun, China’s ambassador to the United Nations.

“Xinjiang enjoys stability, development and prosperity and the lives of Chinese people are getting better and better from time to time,” Zhang said. [em/lt]

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