For the first time, Japan’s trade union was chaired by a woman

The chairman of the Confederation of Japanese Trade Unions, Tomoko Yoshino, Friday (22/10) expressed his gratitude for being the first woman to hold the position. She promised to work hard to achieve gender equality in the workplace.

Speaking in Tokyo, she said Japanese women continue to face restrictions and many are forced out of the labor market after marriage and childbirth.

Yoshino also said female candidates for the upcoming national elections remained around 18 percent. “Women’s participation in politics has been slow, as well as in the business sector. This is one of the issues we want to focus on.”

Rengo, officially known as the Confederation of Trade Unions of Japan, is a supporter of two opposition parties, the main Constitutional Democratic Party, and the smaller Democratic Party for the People.

Yoshino called on the two parties to unite to break the grip of power of the ruling party. [ka/ab]

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