US Leadership Performance Up in August 2021

There has been some good news on the world stage for US President Joe Biden despite his declining domestic performance ratings in recent weeks.

According to a new Gallup report, U.S. leadership performance increased from 30 percent in 2020 to 49 percent in August 2021, across 46 countries and territories.

This surge was driven in part by the US government’s re-engagement with the world.

“Even within hours and hours of the beginning of the Biden administration, he rejoined the Paris Agreement and revoked Trump’s decision to withdraw from the WHO. So I think it’s a really promising sign that a lot of its allies want,” said Julie Ray, world news editor at Gallup.

The approval rating of 49 percent is the same as the record high in President Barack Obama’s first year in office in 2009. The record low, 30 percent under President Donald Trump, is likely due to his foreign policy approach.

“We really and ultimately put America first,” Trump said.

The Gallup report shows that Biden’s message to the world is getting a better response.

“America is back. Diplomacy is back,” Biden said.

But the messy US military withdrawal from Afghanistan and last September’s AUKUS agreement that provided Australia with nuclear-powered submarines by scrapping a previous deal with France, were heavily denounced, even by US allies.

“They feel like they are being fed. Oh, this is a government that will rejuvenate our alliance. We care about NATO, we care about other people, we care about human rights. Then what happened? We did not keep our promises regarding Afghanistan, and on the AUKUS agreement with Australia. And that’s really going to cause problems,” said Danielle Pletka, senior foreign policy fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.​

Despite the improvement, the US trailed behind Germany, the country that ranked first among respondents, especially in Europe, Asia and America. [ps/lt]

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