Trump Ready to Launch Social Media Platform

Former US President Donald Trump, Wednesday (20/10), said he would start a media company with a social media platform.

Trump made the announcement in a press statement nine months after Twitter and Facebook blocked his accounts for fueling the uprising at the House of Congress on January 6.

Trump said the Trump Media & Technology Group and its forthcoming “Truth Social” app were competitors to big tech companies that had blocked access to millions of people, helping him rise to national politics.

The company said its app is expected to launch this month, ahead of a massive nationwide rollout in early 2022. The company also said it would introduce the service. video-on-demand which will present news programs, entertainment and podcasts.

According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, in a September 8 public offering, DWA – a Miami-based company – raised $287.5 million to fund the start-up’s operations.

Trump’s previous attempts to launch a blog on his website have been scrapped because they did not attract much attention. [em/lt]

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