The “Lava River” Still Flows from La Palma Volcano

Spanish government geologist on Wednesday (20/10) said the Cumbre Vieja volcano in Spain’s La Palma Islands is still erupting and showing no signs that its eruptions are slowing or stopping.

Geologists make video recordings of very large rocks (pyroclastic block) which floats in the river of lava flowing from the northern part of the mountain. There is also a video recorded by the Volcanology Institute of the Canaries (INVOLCAN), which shows how lava flows into La Laguna and approaches a gas station. La Palma officials said the gas station had emptied several days ago, before the lava flow passed through it.

The fiery red hot lava flow has covered nearly 800 hectares of land, destroying about 2,000 buildings and many banana plantations. About 7,000 people were forced to flee. Evacuations continue to be carried out to prevent casualties on this island of 85,000 people.

Experts say they see no sign that the eruption will subside soon. The river of lava continued to flow far into the sea. [jm/em]

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