Superpower to Support Aid for Afghanistan, Urges Taliban to Be Inclusive

An international meeting hosted by Russia on Wednesday (20/10) urged the Taliban to form a “truly inclusive” government in Afghanistan and called on the United Nations to convene a donor conference as soon as possible to help prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the country.

The meeting-known as the Russian consultation forum on Afghanistan-was attended by several interim Taliban government officials and senior officials from Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, India and five former Soviet countries in Central Asia.

“The countries participating in the meeting call on the current Afghan leadership to take further steps to restore governance and form a truly inclusive government, which reflects the interests of all the major ethno-political forces in the country,” the joint statement read. that meeting.

The delegates expressed “deep concern” at the deteriorating economic and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, and stressed the need to mobilize the efforts of the international community to provide assistance to the Afghan people.

Participants at the meeting proposed holding a UN-led donor conference, “certainly with the understanding that the main burden of post-conflict economic and financial reconstruction, as well as Afghanistan’s development should be borne by the force-based actors, who have been in the country for the last 20 years. ”

The statement explicitly refers to the United States (US) and Western allied forces. The sudden withdrawal of US troops after 20 years there paved the way for the Taliban to regain control of the country on August 15.

The Americans were also invited to the meeting, but American officials cited technical reasons for not being able to attend. They promised to attend the next round of meetings.

Although the world and Western countries in general refuse to officially recognize the Taliban government, Wednesday’s joint statement acknowledged the “new reality” of the fundamentalist group’s return to power. [em/jm]

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