Biden Convinced of Reaching Budget Bill Deal with Congress

President Joe Biden on Wednesday expressed optimism about the possibility of reaching an agreement with Congress on a now-depreciated two trillion dollar domestic spending package.

Speaking to reporters as he boarded the presidential plane Air Force One bound for Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden said “I think we’ll come to an agreement” before heading to the G20 summit in Rome next week.

Biden and Democrats are racing to reach agreement on the legislative package after exerting efforts over the past few months to bridge his vision – which was previously valued at $3.5 trillion and favored by progressives – with a package that is more limited in focus and could win his party’s support.

Biden no longer has the Democratic backing left to pass the package in a now divided Congress. Congressional leaders hope to reach a deal by the end of the week.

The smaller package would still include at least $500 billion to tackle climate change, $350 billion in child support subsidies and free pre-school education, a federal program to provide at least four weeks of paid family leave and an extension of monthly tax credits for children – which is worth $300 per child per family – given during the COVID-19 crisis for another year.

Some of the sections that are likely to be removed in the smaller package are plans for free community colleges, a pathway to legal status for certain immigrants in America and the clean energy plan that is at the heart of Biden’s strategy to tackle climate change. [em/jm]

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