At least 37 people die in floods in northern India

At least 37 people have been reported dead and dozens missing after floods inundated northern India, Uttarakhand state officials said Wednesday.

News agency Reuters citing a number of video reports, reporting rivers overflowing and parts of villages submerged.

Rescue workers have been searching throughout the night and evacuating residents, as well as collecting the bodies of the victims.

Meanwhile, at least 28 people are reported to have died in Nainital region, while a family of nine in Ramgarh district was electrocuted.

Three days of heavy rains have caused devastating floods that submerged roads and bridges, and caused landslides in several parts of India.

“Huge losses occurred due to floods that caused harvest failure,” Pushkar Singh Dhami told partners Reuters, YEARS, after witnessing the damage that occurred on Tuesday (19/10).

Through his Twitter social media account, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his sympathy for the victims of the flood.

The area received 17.8 centimeters of rainfall in the first weeks of this month. But in less than 22 hours on Tuesday (19/10), the rainfall reached 58 centimeters. [jm/em]

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