Facebook Fined for Discriminatory Treatment of U.S. Workers

Social media company Facebook must pay a $4.75 million fine and $9.5 million in damages to eligible victims, who say the tech giant is discriminating against the United States workforce. (US) in favor of foreign employees, the US Department of Justice announced on Tuesday (19/10).

The discrimination took place at least from January 1, 2018 to September 18, 2019.

The Justice Department said Facebook “routinely refuses” to recruit or consider US workers, including US citizens, asylum holders, refugees and legal permanent residents, in order to recruit temporary visa holders. Facebook is also helping visa holders to obtain a green card, which allows them to work permanently.

In a separate settlement, the company also agreed to provide training on anti-discrimination rules for its employees and conduct a broader screening of the workforce to fill vacancies at the company.

The decision to impose the fine and compensation is the largest number of civil awards ever issued by the Department of Justice’s civil rights division in the last 35 years.

“Facebook is not above the law and must comply with our country’s civil rights laws,” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke told reporters by telephone.

“While we firmly believe that we have met federal government standards in permanent employment certification (PERM) practices, we have reached an agreement to end ongoing litigation and continue our PERM program, which is an important part of our overall immigration program,” it said. a Facebook spokesperson in a statement.

“This resolution will allow us to continue our focus on hiring people, both from the US and around the world, and support the internal community of highly skilled visa holders seeking permanent residency.” [rd/jm]

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