Biden Promotes Budget Agenda in His Birthplace

President Joe Biden headed Wednesday to Scranton, Pennsylvania, using his birthplace as a backdrop to push his infrastructure and social budget bill, which is currently stalled in Congress due to disagreements among members of Congress in his own party, the Democrats.

Biden will address the Scranton Electric City Trolley Museum. The city earned the nickname “Electric City” which became the center of one of the first electric trolley lines in the US in the late 1880s. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Tuesday the president will talk about his childhood there until the age of 10 and how his plans will benefit the working class in cities like Scranton.

While both agendas are domestic legislative priorities, Biden has often touted infrastructure and social budgets that include provisions for climate change mitigation in the context of maintaining America’s global competitive advantage.

The White House said Biden would focus on how provisions in the bill would allow the US to better compete with China, which already has at least 35,405 kilometers of high-speed rail and plans to double it by 2035.

During a visit to Hartford, Connecticut, last week, Biden promoted his social budget bill, which includes more government investment in child care.

“How can we compete in a world when millions of American parents, especially mothers, can’t be part of the workforce because they can’t afford child care or parental care?” she asked at a child development center. [my/jm]

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