Pakistani Artist Writes Quran with Gold Plated Aluminum

An artist in Pakistan has taken on the task of engraving verses of the Koran on canvas with gold-plated aluminum letters.

Students at the art school based at the Karachi Art Council carefully arrange one glossy letter after another on a blue canvas.

“Our center is unique in every way. It is 8.5 feet long and 6.5 feet wide,” says artist Shahid Rassam.

Rassam has spent years working on this project, which consists of 550 pages, each with about 150 words.

“We first studied Turkish, Arabic and Persian designs and then made our own designs,” he said.

It took another four to five years to complete the work and spell out roughly 80,000 words.

When it’s finally ready, “we’ll definitely try to get it into the Guinness Book of World Records,” says Rassam.

Part of this project will be on display at Dubai’s Expo 2020 next month. [ka/ab]

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