Foxconn Taiwan Announces Electric Car Manufacturing Business

Taiwanese company that manufactures smartphones (smartphone) for Apple and other global brands, Monday (18/10), announced plans to produce electric cars for car brands under similar contract models.

Presenting three electric cars, Model C (SUV), Model E (sedan) and Model T (bus) in Taipei, Foxconn Technology Group said it will manufacture cars and buses for brands in China, North America, Europe and other markets.

The company’s chairman, Young Liu, explained that some of their clients will be able to modify the appearance and features of the vehicles for their respective markets.

The company’s flagship Model E sedan, developed by Italian design firm Pininfarina, will launch in 2023, the company said.

The car will reportedly accommodate five passengers and have a range of 750 kilometers per single charge.

Foxconn says the first electric bus Model T, will have a range of less than 400 kilometers per single charge.

Apart from Pininfarina, Taiwanese automaker Fisker and Yulong Group are also their clients.

The Taiwan News newspaper said last week other potential customers included Stellantis, the automaker formed by a merger of FIAT Chrysler and Peugeot, but Liu did not confirm this. (mg/hr)

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