Central Sulawesi Police Investigate Alleged Immoral Actions by Police in Parigi Moutong

The Central Sulawesi Regional Police are investigating the case of an alleged immoral act by a police officer against a woman’s daughter who is suspected of stealing livestock. The police officer, who served as Kapolsek, promised to release the victim’s father who was in custody if the victim’s wishes were fulfilled.

The Head of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, Inspector General of Police Rudy Sufahriadi, Tuesday (19/10) stated that his party will seriously handle the alleged violation of the law by the Head of the Sector Police (Kapolsek) at the Parigi Moutong Police. This police officer with the rank of Inspector of Police One (IPTU) with the initials IDGN was reported to have committed an immoral act against a 20-year-old woman. The perpetrator promised to release the victim’s father who was arrested for the theft of livestock.

“We went to the victim’s house, making sure that I would professionally deal with the wrong members,” said Inspector General of Police Rudy Sufahriadi to reporters at the Office of Women and Children Empowerment, Parigi Moutong Regency.

Rudy explained that after the case was reported to the police on October 15, 2021, the police officer was immediately removed from his position as police chief. The Central Sulawesi Regional Police has dispatched a team from the Professional and Security Sector (Bidpropam) to conduct investigations as well as examine witnesses.

While visiting Parigi Moutong Regency, the Central Sulawesi Police Chief met the victim and his family. “I came here to show our seriousness in dealing with the problems in Parigi Moutong,” said Rudy Sufahriadi.

The woman named S in a video recording admitted that she was seduced by the perpetrator who asked her to have sexual intercourse. The police officer promised to help get his father out of custody.

“A few weeks he offered, he seduced. He said later to help papa if for example I want to accompany him to sleep. Help free papa. In the end, I wanted to because I thought my father wanted to leave,” said the victim.

The head of the Integrated Service Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children, Parigi Moutong Regency, Noor Wachida Prihartini Kunciotutu explained that his party had provided assistance to victims and their families. Including seeking psychiatrist assistance to deal with trauma victims, including the victim’s mother, who was very devastated by the incident.

Perpetrators of forced relationships through threats must be removed and fired from their positions.  (Photo: illustration)

Perpetrators of forced relationships through threats must be removed and fired from their positions. (Photo: illustration)

“If the direction may be more” shocked (shocked) his mother needs us to accompany him to a psychologist,” said Noor Wachida Prihartini.

Perpetrators Should Be Fired

Soraya Sultan, Chair of the Central Sulawesi Women’s Equality Struggle Group (KPKP-ST) views the case as a form of sexual exploitation by forcing relationships through threats. Apart from being removed from office, the perpetrator must also be fired.

“The perpetrators, in terms of being enforcers who are obliged to provide a sense of security and justice for the people, have actually turned into depraved parties by taking advantage of them.” power (power) for the coercion of free sex,” said Soraya Sultan.

According to Soraya, the behavior of the perpetrators is contrary to the efforts of the National Police Chief to create a friendly and pro-people police.

Ombudsman Drops Team

The Head of Representative for the Indonesian Ombudsman’s Office in Central Sulawesi, Sofyan Farid Lembah, told Mouab that his party had formed a team to investigate the initiative that initiated the legal process against the perpetrators.

“This must be resolved by him. We sent a special team using the right of initiative rather than the Ombudsman. We chose it because this case will definitely take a long time, so we formed a team to take the initiative to investigate in order to oversee this case to completion,” explained Sofyan Farid Lembah.

Sofyan hopes that the legal process against the perpetrators will not only be carried out within the internal police through a code of ethics trial, but also in the general court. If found guilty, he said, the perpetrator should be dismissed from the police. [yl/ab]

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