Number of Participation in Iraqi Election Reaches 43%

Iraq’s Electoral Commission late Saturday (16/10) said turnout in Iraq’s parliamentary elections earlier this month stood at 43 percent, up slightly from early results. However, the figure is lower than the last election in 2018.

According to the commission, more than 9.6 million people cast their ballots in the October 10 ballot.

Populist Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said his group won the most seats in parliament and added that he would not oppose the result.

“We will seek to form a non-sectarian and non-ethnic national coalition under the umbrella of reforms,” ​​al-Sadr said in a statement Saturday. Al-Sadr has been against all forms of foreign interference and its main rivals are Shia groups allied with Iran.

The electoral commission earlier said on Oct. 10 that turnout was 41 percent in preliminary results. In the last election in 2018, the total voter turnout was 44.5 percent.

Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi is not running for re-election, but negotiations after the vote could land him a second term. Kadhimi, who is seen as friendly with the West, does not have a party backing him.

According to Iraq’s Election Commission, at least 167 parties and more than 3,200 candidates are vying for the 329 parliamentary seats. [lt/jm]

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