Facebook to Employ 10,000 EU People to Build ‘Metaverse’

Facebook Inc plans to employ 10,000 people in the European Union over the next five years, the social media giant said Monday.

The goal, to help build the so-called metaverse – a new online world where people live and communicate in shared virtual spaces.

It would be a significant step the company is taking to bring the concept to life, something its boss, Mark Zuckerberg, has touted in recent months.

In September, Facebook committed to spending $50 million to build the metaverse, which has been pioneered by companies like Roblox Corp and “Fortnite” maker Epic Games.

Facebook previously launched a test of a new virtual reality remote work app where Oculus Quest 2 headset users can hold meetings as their own version of an avatar.

Facebook also said in July that it was creating a product team to work on metaverse which will become part of Facebook Reality Labs, an augmented reality and virtual reality group.

“This investment (of new jobs) is a form of confidence in the strength of Europe’s technology industry and the potential of European technology talent,” the company said.

“Europe is very important to Facebook.” (vm/ft)

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