Door to Door Anti-Polio Movement in Afghanistan to Begin Again

The United Nations announced Monday that the house-to-house polio vaccination campaign in conflict-torn Afghanistan will restart next month. The United Nations praised the new Taliban government for agreeing to lift the ban on the vaccination movement.

Afghanistan is one of only two countries in the world, along with Pakistan, where the highly contagious and incurable disease continues to cripple children.

Officials on both sides have recorded only one infection with poliovirus Type 1 (WPV1) so far in 2021, the lowest transmission in Pakistan and Afghanistan, compared with 84 and 56 cases last year.

The house-to-house anti-polio campaign in Afghanistan will begin November 8 and aim to reach an estimated 10 million children under five across the country, including more than 3 million in remote and previously inaccessible areas, according to WHO and UN children’s agency UNICEF. .

The Taliban, in power since August, banned house-to-house vaccination in April 2018 in its territory when it launched attacks against the previous Afghan government and international forces. [vm/jm]

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