Poles protest in support of migrants on the Belarus border

Thousands of protesters gathered Sunday in two Polish cities in solidarity with migrants and asylum seekers on the border with Belarus which has been blocked by Polish authorities.

Thousands demonstrated in Warsaw while others protested in Krakow with the slogan “Stop torture at the border.”

Protesters accused Polish authorities of abusive behavior by blocking migrants from crossing the border and imposing a state of emergency at the border and preventing human rights workers from helping migrants.

One of the posters at a rally in Warsaw read, “how many bodies are lying in the forest?” refers to some of the deaths that occurred in the forests and swamps of the border region.

Many of the demonstrators carried flags made of tinfoil, which is meant to refer to the makeshift blankets needed by migrants trapped in the open at the border as temperatures plunged to freezing at night.

For about two months, large numbers of people from the Middle East and Africa have been trying to enter Poland illegally from Belarus. [lt/jm]

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