Biden: ‘Democracy Survives’ Because of Police

Standing in front of the Capitol Building, US President Joe Biden on Saturday (16/10) paid tribute to the policemen who died and those who fought the January 6 uprising at the site.

Biden said because of the actions of law enforcement that day, “democracy endures.”

The President spoke at the 40th Annual National Peace Officers Commemoration Ceremony. The event aims to commemorate the 491 law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty in 2019 and 2020.

Nine months ago masses stormed the Capitol to try to thwart Biden’s confirmation as president.

Biden alluded to the 150 injured officers and five who died in the aftermath of the attack.

“Nine months ago, your brothers and sisters launched an unconstitutional and non-American attack on the values ​​and voice of the nation. Thanks to you, democracy has survived,” Biden said.

“Thanks to these men and women, we were spared catastrophe, but their heroism is a source of sorrow to you and your family,” he added.

Biden also stressed the heavy burden that law enforcement bears. He criticized the political movement for “reducing police funding,” saying those gathered in front of it would have “more resources, not less, to do a good job.” [vm/ft]

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