UK MP Died in Terrorist Attack

A member of the British Parliament died Friday (15/10) after being stabbed several times in a church. Police, Saturday (16/10), stated that it was a terrorist attack.

David Amess, 69, is a member of the Conservative Party and represents Southend West in Essex, England. He was attacked on Friday while visiting constituents in his home district in southeast England, officials said.

In a Saturday statement, the Metropolitan Police said that while it was still in its early stages, “the investigation revealed possible motivations for Muslim extremism.”

Police have yet to identify the suspect, aged 25, who is in custody.

Amess, who has been a member of Parliament since 1983, is married and has five children. He is the second lawmaker to die after Jo Cox was killed by a constituency, a far-right extremist, five years ago.[ka/rs]

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