11 Children Killed After Crossing the River in Ciamis

An official, Friday (15/10), said eleven students drowned and two others were in critical condition in an accident that occurred during a river crossing activity in Ciamis, West Java.

Around 150 scouts, aged 13 to 15, are cruising the Cileuleur River and 21 of them are suspected of trying to wade through the water.

Local residents managed to save ten people, said Supriono – a member of the Bandung SAR team.

“Two students … are in critical condition in hospital, while 11 were found dead,” he told AFP.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash, as well as working to ensure the event is accounted for.

The students carried out walking activities as well as cleaning the riverbanks, even though there had been an official warning from the national disaster mitigation agency.

River crossings are prohibited for children and youth during the rainy season, which begins in late November.

In February last year, 10 scouts died after being swept away by flash floods that also left dozens more injured. [ah/rs]

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