Netherlands Develops Needleless Injection

Fear of needles may be one of the reasons why some people are reluctant to undergo the COVID-19 vaccination process. However, it will be an old story if Dutch researchers succeed in developing laser technology that allows vaccines to be inserted into the body not through a syringe.

The technology, called the “Bubble Gun,” utilizes a laser that allows tiny droplets of fluid outside the skin’s surface to seep into the body.

David Fernandez Rivas, a professor at Twente University, the Netherlands, led the research. The man who is also listed as a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The United States, it says, the laser injection process is faster than mosquito bites and should be painless because the nerve endings in the skin are not touched.

“So, in a matter of milliseconds, the tube containing the liquid is heated by the laser. Bubbles then form in the liquid. The liquid will then come out at 100 kilometers per hour. We can see how the liquid comes out and penetrates roughly one millimeter deep into the skin, ” he explained.

Rivas hopes the technology will not only help more people get vaccinated, but will also prevent the risk of contamination through needles and reduce medical waste.

Henk Schenk, an expert on trypanophobia, welcomes this technology. Trypanophobia is a phobia triggered by a fear of needles.

“People who previously could avoid vaccination for fear of needles in the future have no reason to refuse. To me, this is the group of people who need to get a COVID-19 vaccine immediately.”

Astrid Nijsen, a Dutch actress, who is a Schenk patient, is among those who will benefit from this technology. would do anything to avoid the injection,” he commented.

The development of laser injection technology has not only received a positive response in the Netherlands, but also in neighboring Belgium.

Clara Kavadias, a student in Brussels, said, “Maybe this will be useful for people who are afraid of needles. But I doubt that switching to laser technology will bring about a big change in the vaccination program. vaccinated not because of needles.”

Bubble Gun technology will still take one to three years before it becomes available to the general public, depending on research progress and regulatory issues. [ab/uh]

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