FDA Approves Half Dose of Moderna COVID Vaccine for Booster

US health advisers said Thursday that some Americans who received Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine at least six months ago should be given the shot. booster (booster) half dose to increase immunity against corona virus.

The outside advisory panel for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is unanimous in recommending the injections booster for older people, as well as younger adults with health problems, work or life situations that put them at high risk for contracting COVID-19.

The recommendations are not binding but are a key step towards expanding the booster vaccine campaign to millions of other Americans. Many people who had previously had injections of Pfizer’s vaccine at least six months ago are now requesting a booster shot after the FDA authorized its use last month — and they are the same high-risk group, which FDA advisers say should get it. booster Modern.

But the panel stressed that there is no evidence that now is the time to provide a dose booster Moderna or Pfizer vaccines for everyone, even though the previous Biden administration came up with the plan.

As for the dose, the Moderna vaccine consists of two injections of 100 micrograms. But Moderna says one injection of 50 micrograms is sufficient for as booster.

The FDA gathers its experts to consider who should get booster and when to give to those who have previously received Moderna and Johnson & Johnson injections this year. The panel will discuss the J&J vaccine on Friday (15/10). (lt/ka)

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