Facebook object to releasing private post about Myanmar Rohingya campaign

Social media giant Facebook is alleged to have been used to spread disinformation about the Rohingya, Myanmar’s Muslim ethnic minority. In 2018, the company began removing posts, accounts and other content it deemed part of a campaign to incite violence.

The deleted but retained data is now a problem in the case being processed in the United States. Should Facebook release the information as requested in an international court?

Facebook this week objected to part of an American judge’s order that could impact how much data the internet company must turn over to investigators examining the role the social media played in a range of international incidents, from the 2017 Rohingya genocide in Myanmar to the 2021 Capitol riots in Myanmar. Washington.

A judge ruled last month that Facebook must provide information about the deleted account to Gambia, a West African country, which is filing a case at the International Court of Justice against Myanmar. The Gambia is seeking to hold Myanmar accountable for its crimes of genocide against the Rohingya.

But in Wednesday’s filing, Facebook said the judge’s order could “create serious human rights problems, leaving internet users’ private content unprotected and thus vulnerable to disclosure – at the provider’s discretion – to private plaintiffs, foreign governments.” , law enforcement, or others.”

Facebook said it did not defy orders that the information was exposed from the accounts, groups and pages it had saved. The company objected to providing “non-public information.”

If the order is obeyed, it will “disrupt the important privacy and free speech rights of internet users – not just Facebook users – around the world, including Americans,” Facebook said in a statement.

According to Facebook, providing deleted posts is a violation of privacy. The company cited the Stored Communications Act, a 35-year-old law that establishes privacy protections in electronic communications. (ka/lt)

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