Dan Stevens Becomes Robot Lover in “I’m Your Man”

In the film “I’m Your Man”, a university professor and researcher, Alma, played by Maren Egggert, attempts to raise funds for her latest studies.

Alma is told that he will get the financial support, if he agrees to help with another study, namely willing to live with Tom, a robot that almost resembles a human. Robot Tom is played by actor Dan Stevens. Alma is obliged to report his experience living with the robot Tom. The unique thing is, the robot has been programmed in such a way to match Alma’s personality and become her perfect match.

“I’m Your Man” is co-written and directed by Maria Schrader, who also directed the Netflix film series, “Unorthodox,” starring Shira Haas.

The film, made by the German production house, has been officially registered in the Best International Dramatic Film category for the 94th Oscars. The entire film script, which was written in German, presented its own challenges for Dan Stevens, who had studied German at school.

“I think it’s like a challenge within a challenge. I like challenges, and of course there are many other challenges playing the robot Tom. I think even if it was in English it would still be a very interesting challenge. In fact, the film is in German , it is already a bonus challenge,” he explained.

The film “I’m Your Man” has limited screenings in several theaters in the United States. [lj/uh]

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