Biden Receives Kenyan President at White House

Kenya is an important player in Africa on the world geopolitical scene. This is evidenced by US President Joe Biden’s decision to meet with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday.

This is Biden’s first direct talks with an African leader since he became president.

“The US-Kenya Strategic Partnership is critical, we both believe it is important to address key regional and global challenges,” Biden said. He also thanked Kenya and Kenyatta for their leadership in defending peace, security and democratic instincts in the region and the country.

Meanwhile Kenyatta thanked Biden and the US people for providing additional doses of COVID-19 vaccine for Africa.

“The US has done its best to act to improve, which helps not only Kenya, but the African continent in general in terms of access to vaccines,” Kenyatta said. He said he was pleased to hear of Biden’s new announcement regarding increased access because Africa lags far behind other countries in the ability to vaccinate its people.

Following the meeting, the White House said the two leaders “discussed their shared commitment to defending democracy and human rights, advancing regional peace and security, and accelerating economic prosperity through climate-smart solutions and the use of renewable energy resources.”

In the statement, the White House also noted that the two leaders “underlined the need to bring additional transparency and accountability to the domestic and international financial system, and to advance the peaceful resolution of the conflicts in Somalia and Ethiopia.” [uh/ab]

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